doTERRA Essential Oils - Life Essence

How essential oils can enrich your life.

If you’re brand new to essential oils, I’d love to show you how these beautiful oils can enrich your life.

If you’ve used oils before and like me, you love them, then I can’t wait to show you how you can purchase the most beautiful, ethically sourced, therapeutic grade oils on the market – at the same wholesale prices I pay!

If you’d like to make doTERRA part of your business or you’re ready to partner with me to begin your own thriving, abundant business, then I would LOVE to work with you. I’m extremely proud to be apart of doTERRA.

Why I love essential oils

When I began my wellness journey 5 years ago, I was instantly attracted to two things:
1) The power of real foods- hello new career as a Nutritionist!
2) Toxin free living – hello essential oils!

My toxic, chemical based perfume was the first thing to go and I started wearing beautiful essential oil blends instead. Next went my skincare and in came jojoba and coconut oil along with tea tree and lavender essential oils. Out went my conventional cleaning products, fragranced candles, Vics vapour rub, flavoured mineral waters, DEET bug spray, toilet spray, toothpaste, deodorant, linen spray… you name it, I swapped it!

In my home, we use essential oils every single day. The more I learn the more in love I fall. I use oils in my kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, car, office, living areas, laundry and toilet! They add flavour to my foods, aroma to my rooms and an unimaginable amount of benefits to my body and mind that I am forever grateful for.

How I use essential oils

Beauty + self care

Essential oils have totally transformed my beauty care! They’re my 100% natural perfume and they form part of my cleanser, make up remover, moisturiser, spot treatment, eye serum, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste + deodorant! Mmm its all so luscious!

Natural Remedies

I’m a Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach so natural remedies are my jam! Got an upset stomach, skin problems, headaches, over active appetite, cold & flu, sore muscles, sleeping difficulties or respiratory issues? The list could on and I’m yet to find a condition that essential oils can’t support. Mother Nature has given us such an amazing gift.

Emotional + Spiritual

I’ve always got an oil with me to help me stay grounded, uplifted, energised, relaxed or focused. I use oils to deepen my meditations and during my spiritual practices. They’re with me when I’m working, driving long distances, reading, manifesting, working out, or indulging in a hot relaxing bath. The ability of essential oils to enhance and promote certain feelings within us is so special.

Cleaning products + Household care

Floor cleaner, bathroom scrub, multi purpose soaps, kitchen spray, mould care, air fresheners + antibacterial spray. In all corners of my home are beautiful, natural products that keep me + my family safe from toxic chemicals and harsh additives. My home has become a little eco haven since I was introduced to doTERRA.


Raw desserts, curries, bliss balls, smoothies, dips, chocolate fudge, kale chips, vegetable stir fry’s + sauces all get enhanced with oils in my kitchen. Not only do they bring so much flavour to our food, but we get their amazing immune enhancing properties each time we use them.

I’d love to bring essential oils into my life too

Why doTERRA?

I’m really proud to be part of a company that is truly aligned with my beliefs and values – conscious, ethical, soulful and empowering. I’ve been sharing a message of love & health for many years now but it wasn’t until I brought doTERRA into my business that I was truly about share a message abundance as well.

I don’t sell these products, they do that themselves! My role is to serve you simply by introducing you to these oils – why would I not want to share somthing that is changing my life?! I truly have no double that when you try your first doTERRA oil, you’ll understand exactly what I mean when I say they sell themselves! These oils are the purest essential oils available and when it comes to your health, you really deserve the best. So do I – which is one reason why I choose doTERRA.

Theres a short video I’d like to share  which sums up perfectly, another beautiful reason why I choose to be part of this company.

Purchase at Wholesale Prices

Anyone can purchase dōTERRA essential oils and products at wholesale prices. You’ll  save a minimum of 25% and can get up to 55% off your purchases! It’s the smartest way to buy your oils – why pay retail?

Here’s why it makes sense to have your own wholesale account:

  • Enjoy 25% off all products, all the time!
  • You simply pay a one off $35 fee for the first year OR purchase one of the enrolment kits and have this fee waived (this is what I did because the saving are even bigger!)
  • There is NO monthly obligation.
  • There is NO minimum spend amount.
  • There’s an option to receive between 10% and 30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points – this means free oils!
  • There is also an option to receive a FREE Product of the Month
  • Your membership allows you to share these beautiful oils with others and gain compensation and bonuses (only if you want to, some people don’t which is totally fine!)
  • Ordering is done online and its very simple! Plus, I’m here to help if you get stuck