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How the consultations work

Initial consultation: 

I take all of my clients through a thorough intake process which typically includes:

  • A detailed food + symptoms diary
  • A comprehensive health history analysis
  • An in depth look at current lifestyle choices and personal life circumstances
  • Laboratory testing when applicable (not required but often recommended)

An initial consultation takes between 45-60 minutes. We’ll discuss your current situation and your health goals.  I’ll gather all the information I needs, you’ll receive some helpful information and then within 48hours, you’ll be emailed my detailed recommendations. I find most clients don’t recall everything we discuss in the initial consultation so I choose to send my notes & recommendations in written format for your convenience.

The recommendations typically include diet changes, food/recipe suggestions, lifestyle recommendations and supplements to consider.

During the consultation you’ll be asked to select your level of commitment to achieving your goals and this is taken into consideration when recommendations are made. I understand some people need more assistance than others which is why we always tailor our consults to meet your requirements.

Follow up consultations:

During a follow up consultation we’ll spend about 30 minutes discussing your progress and revisiting the recommendations to determine what is working and what areas can be further improved on or amended. Follow up consultations are very important because as you gain your health back, your diet and lifestyle needs are going to be different from when you first started working with me.

Please note that follow up consults are your choice and although I do always prefers to work with her clients for a few months to ensure your health goals are met, it is ultimately up to you if you wish to book in again – this will depend on your personal level of commitment and your needs.


General Pricing

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Initial Consultation


  • 45-60 minutes

Follow up consultation


  • 30 minutes